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Hippotherapy is one of several treatment strategies that a therapist can use as part of a treatment plan. Specifically, Hippotherapy is the use of the horse’s movement and sensory input for improving function. Licensed Physical, Occupational or Speech Therapists properly position the patient on the horse, analyze the patient’s response and direct the horse’s movement to achieve specific patient treatment goals. This strategy can be used effectively to improve a variety of functional areas including balance, posture, mobility, communication and behavior for patients of all ages and many disabilities.

Therapy is offered at the Chatsworth location on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and Thursday mornings and at Newbury Park on Tuesday mornings, and Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. The therapists will determine whether Hippotherapy might be an appropriate treatment strategy based on an evaluation. Please call for additional information about scheduling and costs – Scholarships may be available, To get started please click here to download the necessary forms and return them to Brie Doherty and Therapy Services at Ride On. For more information please e-mail us at Brie@rideon.org.

Why The Horse?

The well-trained therapy horse moves in a rhythmic, symmetrical and organized way. Each step the horse takes provides strong sensory and physical input in many dimensions including up and down; side to side; and back and forth. By asking for variations in these movements the therapist gains results that cannot be achieved by a machine or duplicated in a clinic setting.

The very capable horses at Ride On have been carefully selected for their movement quality and even temperament and then further trained. The horse accurately and tirelessly provides ample opportunities for the patient to experience movement and sensory input that will enhance the quality of life.

The warmth, touch, sight and sound of the horse and the outdoor ranch environment allows our patients to reach their goals and have fun at the same time.

Research on the Effectiveness of Hippotherapy

Hippotherapy FAQ

From the American Hippotherapy Association: What is Hippotherapy?

Forms to Get Started

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