Scott Mitchell


Scott Mitchell is currently a self-employed Information Technology consultant. He previously worked in IT at Amgen in Thousand Oaks, Imation (formerly 3M) in Camarillo, and during his last assignment on Active Duty in the US Navy before transferring to the Navy Reserve in 1999. Mitchell’s Active Duty began in 1986 with flight school, culminating in being designated an S-3 Viking pilot, and he flew in the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert Storm in 1991. In June 2014 he retired from the Navy Reserve after 28 years of combined Active and Reserve duty. Mitchell is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics, holds a Master’s Degree in Security Management from Webster University, and is a licensed Commercial pilot. In addition to being a board member, he volunteers as a handyman at the Thousand Oaks RideOn location. His three daughters Marie, Allison and Emily are also RideOn volunteers. When not ‘being a geek’ or getting his hands dirty he enjoys bicycle riding, both road and mountain, reading the latest Stephen King novel, or studying the Civil War.

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