FREE Networking Day - Sunday, January 29th 2023

Ride On will be hosting a FREE Networking Day on Sunday January 29th 2023 from 10am - 4pm at their Chatsworth Ranch. Spend the day with other awesome professionals from your industry, share ideas and get those CEU's. Topics include:

  • Skill Progression – “Stuck with what to do with a rider? Feel like you are doing the same lesson every week? This lecture will give you some practical ideas on how to maximize your lessons and develop your student’s skill set. We will talk through how to make lessons effective towards each rider’s goals, little by little.
  • Summer Camp— We will be sharing the structure, strategies and activities involved in our annual summer camps. Topics discussed will include: How to gain momentum/amplify attendance, structure of a day at summer camp, best use of staff and volunteers, Summer camp games/activities (open discussion), rider adaptations, and strategies to lessen your workload and HAVE FUN!
  • Lunge Lessons/Rider Position
  • CALNET – Intimidated by the thought of taking your riders to the CALNET Show? Sara and Brie will discuss everything from show entries, stabling and how to prepare your riders for the classes and show.
  • Longlining – Technique and benefits of Longlining
  • Disability Education – An Introduction to Trauma Informed Care: develop an understanding of what trauma is, how it impacts a person and what we can do to be more trauma aware and trauma informed in practice.
  • Disability Education – Sensory Processing: an introduction to the sensory system, typical sensory processing patterns and understanding how this impacts the way a person navigates through and responds to their environment.
  • Volunteerism – Group Discussion on shift in Volunteering since the pandemic – what’s working, what’s not working.
  • Admin – Patricia Vasquez, HR Consultant, Emplicity will be joining us to give an “HR Update for California 2023”
  • Lesson Plans – the importance of and how to write an effective lesson plan focusing on goals, objectives and riding skills.
  • CTRI Update
  •   Please RSVP to and we will provide a free lunch. Networking Day will be held rain or shine.